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News & Views   Course Report: Short course on toxicologic pathology in fish. S. W. Feist & H. Segner. -Read Full Text-   Metazoan parasites of rudd Scardinius erythrophthalmus in Lake Sapanca, Turkey. U. Ş. Kuş & E. Soylu. -Read Full Text-   Tissue distribution of Anisakis simplex larvae (Nematoda; Anisakidae) in wild … Read More

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Ulf-Peter Wichardt, in memoriam -Read Full Text-   News & Views   First laboratory confirmation of sleeping disease virus (SDV) in Croatia. Vardić Smrzlić, D. Kapetanović, D. Valić, E. Teskeredžić, M. F. McLoughlin & E. Fringuelli. -Read Full Text-   Neoplasia of the Sertoli cells in wild carp, Cyprinus carpio: optical, immunohistochemical and ultrastructural study. A. … Read More

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News & Views– EAFP now on Facebook. B.B. Jansen & B. Gorgoglione. -Read Full Text-   Workshop Report: Marine gill histopathology workshop. D. Rodger & S. O. Mitchell. -Read Full Text-   Trematodes in fishes of the genus Diplodus (Teleostei, Sparidae) from Bizerte Lagoon (Northern coast of Tunisia). Antar & L. Gargouri Ben Abdallah. -Read Full … Read More

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News & Views   Assessment of the in vitro survival of the Infectious Salmon Anaemia Virus (ISAV) under different water types and temperature. Tapia, G. Monti, M. Rozas, Á. Sandoval, Á. Gaete, H. Bohle & P. Bustos. -Read Full Text-   First description of parasitation by Aggregata octopiana in common octopus, Octopus vulgaris, … Read More

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Olle Ljungberg, in memoriam. -Read Full Text-   Visceral granulomatosis in the wild gibel carp Carassius auratus gibelio. G. Syasina & S. E. Kul’bachnyi. -Read Full Text-   Diplostomum compactum metacercariae in the eyes of Caquetaia kraussii from Totumo Marsh, north of Colombia. Olivero-Verbel, M. Guerra-Hernández & M. García-Espiñeira. -Read Full Text-   Horizontal transmission … Read More

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Gill injury after treatment with mebendazole on mullets Mugil liza. Führ, J. Pereira Jr., L. A. Romano & F. Almeida. -Read Full Text-   Metazoan parasites of European eel (Anguilla anguilla) from the Köyceğiz-Dalyan estuarine channel system, Turkey. Özesen Çolak, E. Soylu, F. Erdoğan & M. Erdoğan. -Read Full Text-   Mass mortality caused by Cyprinid … Read More

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News & Views   Does Diplostomum sp. infection stimulate growth in juvenile Arctic charr? A. Voutilainen, J. Taskinen & H. Huuskonen. -Read Full Text-   Phylogenetic analysis of the infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (IPNV) from Croatian and Bosnian and Herzegovinian farms. I. Lojkić, S. Zrnčić, D. Oraić & M. Andrijanić. -Read Full Text-   Note: Nerocila bivittata (Cymothidae, … Read More

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News & Views   Laboratory and field studies on gill and kidney associated virus in the pen shell Atrina lischkeana (Mollusca: Bivalvia). Y. Maeno, K. Suzuki, T. Yurimoto, S. Kiyomoto, R. Fuseya, H. Fujisaki, M. Yoshida & H. Nasu. -Read Full Text-   Hydrocephalus in burbot (Lota lota L.) larvae. D. Vanheule, N. Nevejan, K. Chiers, … Read More

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Parasites of South African sardines, Sardinops sagax, and an assessment of their potential as biological tags. C. Reed, K. MacKenzie & C. D. van der Lingen. -Read Full Text-   Lipoidosis, steatitis, and streptococcosis in mariculture of silver perch (Bidyanus bidyanus). C. Y. Deng, J. H. Peng, M. M. Chen, M. H. Chen & P. … Read More

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News & Views   Epidemiological survey of digenean trematodes affecting razor clams, Ensis arcuatus, from Galicia (NW Spain). M. Ruiz, D. Iglesias, S. Darriba, R. Rodríguez & C. López. -Read Full Text-   Spin-off from routine parasite diagnostics of Atlantic salmon; first report of Gyrodactylus alexanderi in Norway. H. Hansen, A. Jørgensen and T. A. … Read More

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Intensity of Kudoa sp. infection and alteration of muscle texture in Sardina pilchardus in Portugal. C. Cruz, A. Silva & A. Saraiva. -Read Full Text-   Development of PCR assay for detection of Neoparamoeba perurans and comparison of histological diagnosis. M. Rozas, H. Bohle, R. Ildefonso & P. Bustos. -Read Full Text-   The detection and … Read More

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News & Views   Evaluation of the Biolog Microlog 1 System for the identification of gram positive cocci pathogenic for fish. D. W. Verner-Jeffreys, E. Roberts, J. Driscoll, A. E. Bayley & M. Algoët. -Read Full Text-   Persistent infection by crayfish plague Aphanomyces astaci in a noble crayfish population – a case report. S. … Read More