Honourary Members

The EAFP recognises the following people who have made a significant contribution to our organisation and an outstanding contribution in the field of fish pathology:

David Alderman

David Bruno

Inger Dalsgaard

Trevor Evelyn

Olga L.M. Haenen

Tore Håstein

Barry Hill

Barbara Nowak

Patrick Smith

The following individuals who have now sadly passed away were also awarded honourary membership:

Oleg N. Bauer

Niels O. Christensen

Syuzo Egusa

Jiří Lom

Wilhelm Schäperclaus

Stanislas F. Sniezko

Hans-Jürgen Schlotfeldt

Please note honourary members are simply listed in surname’s alphabetic order.

Barbara Nowak and Olga Haenen becoming EAFP honourary members
Barbara Nowak and Olga Haenen awarded the EAFP honourary membership in Porto