14th EAFP – Prague 2009

14th EAFP International Conference

The conference was held in Prague, Czech Republic from 14 to 19 September 2009.

Workshops held during the 14th EAFP Conference:

  • Zoonotic infections from fish and shellfish (Organisers: O. Haenen, J. Evans and M. Longshaw)
  • Shellfish disease diagnosis (Organisers: I. Arzul and F. Berthe)
  • Myxozoa (Organiser: J. Bartholomew)
  • Gill health (Organiser: M Powell)
  • Aquatic animal diseases surveillance (Organisers: A. B. B. Jensen and K. Morgan)
  • Histopathology Workshop on Gastrointestinal pathology (Organiser: D. Bruno)

Additional information could be retrieved from the designed conference website.

These images, and some more, will remain available on the 14th EAFP conference album on our Facebook page, click here.