Fish Societies

Friend Societies around the World

World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association

Founded in 2006, is a not-for-profit Professional Association to serve the rapidly expanding discipline of aquatic veterinary medicine throughout the world. WAVMA offers the Aquatic Veterinarian Certification Program (CertAqV) to certify veterinarians specialist in aquatic animals, and supports the global aquatic veterinary education through the Web Continuing Education and Professional Development (WebCEPD) Program .

Publisher of: The Aquatic Veterinarian

Fish Health Section of the American Fisheries Society


AFS is the world’s oldest and largest organisation dedicated to strengthening the fisheries profession, advancing fisheries science, and conserving fisheries resources.

Publisher of: Transactions of the American Fisheries Society North American Journal of Fisheries Management Journal of Aquatic Animal Health North American Journal of Aquaculture Marine and Coastal Fisheries.

Fisheries Society of the British Isles

Founded in the 1960´s, is internationally renowned for its scientific activity in fish biology and fisheries management.

Publisher of: Journal of Fish Biology

Japanese Society of Fish PathologyJapan FS

Founded in 1966, aims to promote advances in the study of fish pathology and the dissemination of knowledge specific to fish and shellfish diseases.

Publisher of: Fish Pathology

Asian Fisheries Society

Founded in 1984, aims to promote networking and co-operation between scientists, technicians and all stakeholders involved in fisheries (including aquaculture) production, research and development in Asia.

Publisher of: Asian Fisheries Science Journal

Società Italiana di Patologia Itticaheader

Founded in 1987, is the Italian society promoting advances in the study of aquatic animal pathology.

Publisher of: Ittiopatologia

Aquaculture Association of Canada

AAC is a registered charity with a mandate to transfer information between the various sectors of the aquaculture community.

Publisher of: Bulletin of the AAC

International Society of Fish and Shellfish Immunology

Founded in 2010, ISFSI focuses on all aspects of fish and shellfish immunology.

Publisher of: Fish and Shellfish Immunology

International Society of Developmental and Comparative Immunology

Founded in 1976, ISDCI focuses on all aspects of natural and acquired immune systems in animals throughout the phylogenetic spectrum, including invertebrates and both lower and higher vertebrates.

Publisher of: Developmental and Comparative Immunology

Fish Veterinary Society

Founded in 2011, is a forum for Veterinary Surgeons or veterinary students with an interest in fish and Fish Health Professionals.

International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine

Founded in 1969, IAAAM focuses on the practice of aquatic animal medicine, teaching, and research in aquatic animal medicine, or the husbandry and management of aquatic animals.

American Association of Fish Veterinarians

An association of licensed North American veterinarians who practice fish medicine.

If you would like to promote a society with relevance in fish pathology field, please provide details and a logo by emailing the webmaster: Dr Bartolomeo Gorgoglione (