EAFP Workshop Announcement: Emerging Skin Diseases in Aquaculture

Open workshop:

Emerging Skin Diseases in Aquaculture

Organizers: Dr. Jacob G. Schmidt (EURL for Fish Diseases, DTU Veterinary Institute, Denmark), Dr. Kim Thompson (Moredun Research Institute, Scotland) and Dr. Francesc Padrós i Bover (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain).

Workshop description: Within the last decade skin diseases have grown to be a major challenge in rainbow trout aquaculture in Europe as well as in Mediterranean mariculture. However, the causes of these conditions remain largely elusive. The workshop focuses on recent advances on Red Mark Syndrome and Puffy Skin Disease in rainbow trout and on Petechial Rash in Sea Bream and Sea Bass. We encourage researchers with an interest and/or research focus on fish skin diseases or who have an interest in emerging fish diseases/pathogens to join this workshop and contribute to bringing the field forward.


5 min:   Welcome (Jacob G. Schmidt)

                A compilation of abstracts will be handed out to the participants.

15+5 min:         Red Mark Syndrome – a novel but serious problem on Danish fish farms (Niels Henrik Henriksen)

15+5 min:         The current state of Red Mark Syndrome (Kim Thompson)

15+5 min:          Red Mark Syndrome: Observations on disease development in a cohabitation model. (Jacob G. Schmidt)

15+5 min:          Puffy Skin Disease in Rainbow Trout (Irene Cano-Cejas)

15+5 min:         Current situation of Petechial Rash in Mediterranean aquaculture (Francesc Padrós)

15+5 min:?       Lecture on non-salmonid species?

45 min:              Discussion


The workshop will last 2:30 hours (we will shorten the discussion slightly in the case of an additional speaker).

We welcome one more lecture on non-salmonid species. Please contact Jacob G. Schmidt (jacsc@vet.dtu.dk) if you should be interested.

The organizers will prepare a transcription of the workshop for publication in the EAFP Bulletin.