Join the European Association of Fish Pathologists e.V.

If you are dedicated to the area of fish and shellfish health and welfare an interaction with members of the European Association of Fish Pathologists e.V., the EAFP, could give you new opportunities in development of your professional career. Join us by choosing your category of the membership and apply for registration to the organisation by clicking below:

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EAFP has tradition

The EAFP is an association of professionals in the field of diseases and disorders as well as welfare of fish and shellfish. Founded in 1979 in Munich, Germany, by workers engaged in fish pathology studies throughout Europe, the EAFP has almost half a century of tradition.

EAFP is international

The EAFP is an international association that reaches far beyond Europe. The EAFP organises international congresses every two years where experts in the field from all over the world come together to share their experience and knowledge.

EAFP is interdisciplinary

The EAFP is an interdisciplinary association concerned with all aspects of disease and welfare in fish and shellfish, in aquaculture and in wild stocks. Members come from all disciplines, biologists, microbiologists, veterinarians, fish farmers and aquaculture engineers.

EAFP disseminates knowledge

The objective of the EAFP is to promote the rapid exchange of experience and information on aquatic disease problems and related topics. These aims are pursued mainly through regular regional and international conferences, support for training courses in laboratory techniques and publication of the “Bulletin of the European Association of Fish Pathologists”, a peer-reviewed open access journal.

Benefits of being an EAFP member include:

  • Discounted registration fee for the biannual international EAFP conference
  • Discounted registration fee for national meetings of regional EAFP branches
  • No page charge fees on your papers published in the “Bulletin of the European Association of Fish Pathologists”
  • Eligibility to apply for a grant through the “Small Grant Scheme”
  • Access to the members-only area on the EAFP web page

Special benefits for student members:

  • Become a member of the EAFP Students/Early Career Researchers group
  • Eligibility to apply for an “EAFP Student Award”, for free conference registration
  • Eligibility to apply travel awards for students

Benefits for sustaining members:

  • register up to five delegates to attend international EAFP conferences

EAFP membership types

  1. Regular Members: someone who holds at least a Bachelors´ degree or any comparable education, which may also have been acquired by extensive self-study. Regular Members shall be scientifically involved in the field of fish and shellfish pathology.
  2. Student members: students of a subject related to the field of fish and shellfish pathology at university, college, or any other higher education institution. They may remain student members until the end of the calendar year of their academic graduation. PhD students may remain student members until the end of the second calendar year, which follows their academic graduation.
  3. Sustaining members: any legal person as well as organisations willing to support the EAFP´s objectives.
  4. Honorary member: someone who has become of exceptional importance due to their activities in the field of fish and shellfish pathology or due to their importance to the association itself. The appointment of an honorary member requires a unanimous decision of the board.
Membership type Annual membership fee
Regular 50 Euro
Student 25 Euro
Sustaining 400 Euro
Honorary non-contributory