EAFP Workshop announcement – Neglected viral diseases affecting freshwater fish farming

Open EAFP Workshop

This open workshop will be organized by Olga Haenen (from WBVR, the Netherlands), Laurent Bigarré (from ANSES, France), Takafumi Ito (from NRIA, Japan), and Niccolò Vendramin (from the EURL for Fish Diseases).

This workshop will deal with non-notifiable (but possibly emerging) viruses of farmed freshwater fish, such as perch, pike perch, rainbow trout and other salmonids, carp, goldfish, sturgeon, eel, and other species: Viral diseases of freshwater fish, which are so far neglected in literature and in research funding, but which have a considerable impact in single cases, and which may grow in importance in the nearby future.

The workshop will last 1:45 hours. After a short introduction, 5 short papers and an interactive discussion are planned. A handout with abstracts will be provided to the attendees.


• Short introduction by Olga Haenen
• Takafumi Ito: Difficulty of preventing spread of cyprinid herpesvirus 2
• Laurent Bigarré: Percids rhabdoviruses, neglected viruses vs a growing farming
• Niccolò Vendramin: Piscine Orthoreoviruses in farmed rainbow trout: pathogenesis under experimental conditions and diagnostics
• Olga Haenen: Carp Edema Virus in Europe
• There is room for 1 other lecture of 10 min
• Discussion during 50 min

Suggestions for the other lecture of 10 minutes are welcome.
Please send an email to [email protected] , if you like to present.

The intention is to write a joint publication with the lecturers of this workshop on “Neglected viral diseases affecting freshwater fish farming” for the EAFP Bulletin.