EAFP Workshop – Neglected viral diseases affecting freshwater fish farming

Open EAFP Workshop

Monday 4th Sept 2017, 3.45 p.m. Room 1

Be welcome! This is an open workshop, organized by Olga Haenen (from WBVR, the Netherlands), Laurent Bigarré (from ANSES, France), Takafumi Ito (from NRIA, Japan), Jean-Christophe Avarre (from Institute of Evolutionary Sciences of Montpellier, France), and Niccolò Vendramin (from the EURL for Fish Diseases). A handout with abstracts will be provided to the attendees.


  • Short intro by Olga Haenen
  • Takafumi Ito: Difficulty of preventing spread of cyprinid herpesvirus 2
  • Laurent Bigarré: Perhabdoviruses, a threat for percid farming
  • Niccolò Vendramin: Piscine Orthoreoviruses in farmed rainbow trout: pathogenesis under experimental conditions and diagnostics
  • Olga Haenen: Carp Edema Virus in Europe
  • Jean-Christophe Avarre: The potential role of fish endogenous retroviruses in disease emergence
  • Discussion of appr. 50 min, on:
    1. Which are the most important neglected viral disease problems in freshwater fish farming?
    2. Are diagnostic methods up to date, which ones to use?
    3. Are prevention measures in place, and which specific vaccines are needed?
    4. What recommendations can be made for effective diagnosis and prevention of neglected viral disease problems in freshwater fish farming?

The intention is to write a joint publication on this workshop for the EAFP Bulletin.