Histopathology Workshop

Histopathology Workshop 1

Histopathology workshops have been an integral part of EAFP conferences since 1993 and have attracted a great deal of interest from members.

Additional copies of the CD’s are available from the EAFP and can be purchased at 20 € each (including postage), 160 € for the complete set.

For available CD ROMs from previous Histopathology Workshops please contact the EAFP Treasurer, Dr Klaus Knopf, for more information and payment.

The next Histopathology workshop will be held in 2017 in Belfast. Suggestions for subjects can be sent to the organisers.

CD-ROMs from Histopathology Workshops

1993 – Heart and Liver pathology *

1995 – Gill and Eye pathology *

1997 – Kidney and Pancreas pathology *

1999 – Brain and Skin pathology *

HistoWorkshopCDs. Photo D. Bruno.2001 – Parasites in sections

2003 – Neoplasia

2005 – Reproductive and early life stage pathology

2007 – Cardiovascular pathology

2009 – Gastrointestinal pathology

2011 – Lymphoid organs pathology (including Musculoskeletal / Nervous system)

2013 – Sensory System pathology

2015 – Gills pathology #

* (The material for 1993-1999 is recorded all together on one CD)

# From this workshop material will be available only on the EAFP members only session