Obituary – Dr. William Toshio – Read it – News and Views EAFP 13th Meeting of the French Branch. T. Morin, S. Baron, S. Le Bouquin. – Read it – Mortality in Crassostrea gigas oysters in Ireland during 2012. T. Morrissey, E. Houtsma, D. Cheslett, T. Yatabe, F. Geoghegan, S. J. More. – Read it- Passive … Read More


News & Views Assessment of transmissibility of the disseminated neoplasia affecting cockles Cerastoderma edule in Galicia (NW Spain). S. Díaz, A. Villalba and M. J. Carballal.  – Read Full Text- Susceptibility of different weight ranges of Epinephelus coioides to Piscine Nodavirus. L. D. de la Peña, V. S. Suarnaba, A. Jinky, B. … Read More


News & Views EAFP Austrian, German and Swiss Branches Meeting Report. E. Licek and O. Hochwartner (Organising committee). -Read Full Text- or visit the webpage. Efficacy and immune response of intraperitoneal vaccination of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) with a Yersinia ruckeri bacterin formulated with Montanide™ ISA 763 AVG adjuvant. M. Soltani, A. Mokhtari, S. … Read More


News & Views EAFP UK/Ireland Branch Meeting Report. S. Adams, D. Hoole, J. McArdle, M. Metselaar, E. Munro, P. Smith, K. Thompson and D. Verner-Jeffreys (Organising committee). -Read it- or visit the webpage. First isolation of tdh positive Grimontia hollisae from oysters in Turkey. M. L. Avsever and M. Öz. – Read it- First … Read More


Obituary – Amparo Estepa Perez -Read it-   News & Views   ISVLV Ninth International Symposium on Viruses of Lower Vertebrates. Juan J. Borrego & Dolores Castro.-Read it-   ISVLV Recent findings in the molecular biology of Salmonid Alphavirus. M. Brémont.– Read it-   ISVLV Ranaviruses of reptiles – an increasing problem. R. E. Marschang, A. C. Stöhr and … Read More


News & Views   Risk of introduction of Clinostomum complanatum (Digenea: Clinostomidae) to Sicily through use of Cobitis bilineata (Canestrini, 1865) as live baits. G. Gaglio, V. Reina, M. Caffara, E. Gjurcevic, C. Iaria & F. Marino.– Read it-   First report of Lagenidium thermophilum isolated from eggs and larvae of mud crab … Read More


Obituary – Yury Alexandrovich Strelkov -Read it-   News & Views   First report of Flavobacterium psychrophilum isolated from cultured rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in Argentina. P. Moreno, L. Molinari, P. Hualde & T. Miyazaki.– Read it-   Virulence of Chilean field isolates of Flavobacterium psychrophilum in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) parr. B. N. Fredriksen, … Read More

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  The value of bacterial cultures to modern fish diseases microbiology. B. Austin.– Read it-   Workshop: Novel viral infections threatening Cyprinid fish. O. Haenen, K. Way, B. Gorgoglione, T. Ito, R. Paley, L. Bigarré & T. Waltzek.– Read it-   What’s new in bivalve mollusc pathology? Overview of articles published in the last … Read More

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The use of potassium permanganate against trichodiniasis on milkfish (Chanos chanos) fingerlings. P. A. Palma, E. R. Cruz-Lacierda & V. L. Corre, Jr.– Read Preview-   Infection of striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) in Vietnam caused by the fungus Fusarium incarnatum-equiseti. P. M. Duc, D. T. M. Thy, K. Hatai & … Read More

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News & Views   Bacteria associated with mass mortality of post-larvae of red conger eel (Genypterus chilensis) cultured in a Chilean farm. A. Levican & R. Avendaño-Herrera.– Read it-   Response of the antioxidant system of Black Sea whiting Merlangus merlangus euxinus (Nordmann, 1840) to parasitic nematode Hysterothylacium aduncum (Rudolphi, 1802) infection. E. … Read More

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News & Views   Distribution pattern of eosinophilic granular cells in the intestine of the convict cichlid Amatitlania nigrofasciata (Günther, 1867). C. Hopperdietzel, R. M. Hirschberg, H. Hünigen, J. Wolter & J. Plendl. -Read Preview-   First record of Parabrachiella hostilis (Heller, 1868; Copepoda: Lernaeopodidae) from Umbrina cirrosa (Linnaeus, 1758; Pisces: Sciaenidae) … Read More

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News & Views   Distribution of hemolysin genes in Turkish Vibrio anguillarum isolates. M. L. Avsever & C. Ün. – Read it-   Pathogenicity and biological characteristics of CyHV-2. L-G. Liang, J. Xie, K. Chen & X-W. Bing.– Read it-   The effect of warm discharge waters of a power plant on the occurrence … Read More