Bulletin Contents 36 (1)


  • The value of bacterial cultures to modern fish diseases microbiology. B. Austin.– Read Preview-


  • Workshop: Novel viral infections threatening Cyprinid fish. O. Haenen, K. Way, B. Gorgoglione, T. Ito, R. Paley, L. Bigarré & T. Waltzek.– Read Preview-


  • What’s new in bivalve mollusc pathology? Overview of articles published in the last two years. A. Villalba.– Read Preview-


  • Workshop: Fish health in Mediterranean Aquaculture, past mistakes and future challenges. N. Vendramin, S. Zrncic, F. Padrós, D. Oraic, A. Le Breton, C. Zarza & N. J. Olesen.– Read Preview-


  • Workshop: Molecular tracing of viral diseases in aquaculture. S. S. Mikkelsen, L. Bigarré, B. Bang Jensen, A. B. Kristoffersen, P. A. Jansen, V. Panzarin, S. C. Bayliss, J. C. Avarre & N. J. Olesen.– Read Preview-


  • Workshop: TargetFish – Targeted disease prophylaxis in European fish farming. G. F. Wiegertjes, N. Lorenzen, C. J. Secombes, B. Collet, U. Fischer, C. Tafalla, D. Parra, G. Scapigliati, P. Boudinot, Ø. Evensen, A. Adams, A. Toffan, K. Buchmann, T. Vesely, L. David, V. Mulero, P. Smith, V. Aspehaug, K. Engell-Sørensen, J. Sober, T. Wallis, T. Rød, M. Flores, A. Stratmann, P. Christofilogiannis, J. Tobar, N. Henriksen, T. Sigholt & A. de las Heras.– Read Preview-