• Obituary – Amparo Estepa Perez -Read it-


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  • ISVLV Ninth International Symposium on Viruses of Lower Vertebrates. Juan J. Borrego & Dolores Castro.-Read it-


  • ISVLV Recent findings in the molecular biology of Salmonid Alphavirus. M. Brémont.– Read it-


  • ISVLV Ranaviruses of reptiles – an increasing problem. R. E. Marschang, A. C. Stöhr and M. C. Allender.– Read it-


  • ISVLV The encephalopathy and retinopathy virus of European Seabass Dicentrarchus labrax: strategies for its detection and immunisation of juveniles. N. Nuñez, F. Buonocore, V. Stocchi, S. Picchietti, E. Randelli, A.Toffan, F. Pascoli and G. Scapigliati.– Read it-


  • ISVLV Anthropogenic drivers of emerging viruses in fish. J. R. Winton.– Read it-


  • Reference values of hematological parameters for juvenile Cyprinus carpio. M. Witeska, K. Lugowska and E. Kondera. – Read it-