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News & Views   Laboratory and field studies on gill and kidney associated virus in the pen shell Atrina lischkeana (Mollusca: Bivalvia). Y. Maeno, K. Suzuki, T. Yurimoto, S. Kiyomoto, R. Fuseya, H. Fujisaki, M. Yoshida & H. Nasu. -Read Full Text-   Hydrocephalus in burbot (Lota lota L.) larvae. D. Vanheule, N. Nevejan, K. Chiers, … Read More

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Parasites of South African sardines, Sardinops sagax, and an assessment of their potential as biological tags. C. Reed, K. MacKenzie & C. D. van der Lingen. -Read Full Text-   Lipoidosis, steatitis, and streptococcosis in mariculture of silver perch (Bidyanus bidyanus). C. Y. Deng, J. H. Peng, M. M. Chen, M. H. Chen & P. … Read More

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News & Views   Epidemiological survey of digenean trematodes affecting razor clams, Ensis arcuatus, from Galicia (NW Spain). M. Ruiz, D. Iglesias, S. Darriba, R. Rodríguez & C. López. -Read Full Text-   Spin-off from routine parasite diagnostics of Atlantic salmon; first report of Gyrodactylus alexanderi in Norway. H. Hansen, A. Jørgensen and T. A. … Read More

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Intensity of Kudoa sp. infection and alteration of muscle texture in Sardina pilchardus in Portugal. C. Cruz, A. Silva & A. Saraiva. -Read Full Text-   Development of PCR assay for detection of Neoparamoeba perurans and comparison of histological diagnosis. M. Rozas, H. Bohle, R. Ildefonso & P. Bustos. -Read Full Text-   The detection and … Read More

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News & Views   Evaluation of the Biolog Microlog 1 System for the identification of gram positive cocci pathogenic for fish. D. W. Verner-Jeffreys, E. Roberts, J. Driscoll, A. E. Bayley & M. Algoët. -Read Full Text-   Persistent infection by crayfish plague Aphanomyces astaci in a noble crayfish population – a case report. S. … Read More

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Prevalence of viral nervous necrosis (VNN) virus in wild-caught and trash fish in the Philippines. L. D. de la Peña, V. S. Suarnaba, G. C. Capulos & M. N. M. Santos. -Read Full Text-   Virulence of Viral Haemorrhagic Septicaemia Virus (VHSV) genotype Ie on fry of three trout species: black sea … Read More

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News & Views   Characterisation of a serotype O1 Yersinia ruckeri isolate from the Isle of Man: further evidence that O antigen serotype is not a reliable indicator of virulence. D. W. Verner-Jeffreys, S. J. Haig, T. J. Welch, M. J. Pond, D. Stone, R. L. Davies & R. Gardiner. -Read Full Text-   Detection … Read More

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News & views   Genotyping of Slovenian infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus isolates based on the ‘mid-G’ region sequences of the glycoprotein gene. A. Grilc Fajfar, V. Jenčič, S. Mankoč, D. Barlič Maganja & P. Hostnik. -Read Full Text-   Seasonal occurrence of Caligus spinosus and Parabrachiella seriolae (Copepoda) parasitic on cage-cultured yellowtail (Seriola quinqueradiata) at a fish farm … Read More

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News & Views   Digenean fauna of Cerastoderma glaucum (Veneroidae, Cardidae) from Tunisian coasts. L. Gargouri Ben Abdallah, R. Antar, K. Hosni, N. Trigui El Menif & F. Maamouri. -Read Full Text-   Mortality and cellular response in the skin and gills of plaice (Pleuronectes platessa L) to parasite and bacteria infection. O. H. Ottesen & A. B. Amin. -Read Full Text- … Read More