Winners of EAFP-SGS 2020

The winners of the 5th EAFP Small Grants Scheme 2020

 It is with great pleasure for the EAFP Council Board to announce the five awardees for the 5th EAFP Small Grant Scheme 2020 call:

    • Alienet Rodriguez Rodriguez from Cuba – “Evaluation of the antiviral activity of Pituitary Adenylate Cyclase-Activating Polypeptide (PACAP) in teleost fish”
    • Chloe J. English from Australia – “Aetiology of nodular gill disease (NGD) in farmed rainbow trout”
    • Massimo Orioles from Italy – “Effect of temperature on the transfer of MLO (Midichloria-like organism) and development of RMS (Red Mark Syndrome) in rainbow trout”
    • Urvashi Goswami from Hungary – “Target tissue invasion and spore formation of the myxozoan Sphaerospora molnari in the gills of common carp”
    • Yesutor K. Soku from the UK – “Development of ISH probes for detection of the Lates calcarifer Herpesvirus (LCHV) in Vietnam”

The SGS is an EAFP initiative launched in 2014 that supports funding opportunities in the field of aquatic animal health. The main idea is to assist its members in obtaining training in new methods or support collaboration which can further improve research in fish pathology. The Council of the EAFP thanks all those that applied for the grant. We encourage those who were unsuccessful on this occasion to apply again in the future. Sincere congratulations to the five awardees – EAFP is looking forward to seeing the results of your planned work!

Ivona Mladineo

EAFP Meeting Secretary