ParaFishControl guides

The EU H2020 project ParaFishControl has developed specific tools to help farm managers to control parasitic diseases in their farms. These tools provide information to support the management of the main disease-causing parasites affecting the farming of salmonids, turbot, carp, European sea bass and gilthead sea bream in European countries. … Read More


News and Views   ACTIVITY REPORT: Zebrafish as a model for fish diseases: a successful new webinar format. A. Gerras, E. J. Kim, L. von Gersdorff Jørgensen, M. Haahr Marana, S. Zrnčić, B. Gorgoglione* – Read it–   Comparison of cell culture and qPCR for detection of European North Atlantic … Read More


News and Views   Second workshop on aquatic animal health in Chile: current status and future challenges. P. Smith – Read it–   Multifactorial causes of mass mortality in Oreochromis niloticus in Kafr El-Sheikh, Egypt. D. A. Abdel-Moneam, R. A. Ibrahim, M. Nashaat, M. Shaalan* – Read it–   Evaluation … Read More


News and Views   Assessment of genetic tools for detection of carp edema virus (CEV) by a laboratory comparison test in Germany. S. M. Bergmann*, S. Klafack, Y. Jin, V. Jung-Schroers, A. Kappe, E. Nardy, S. Bornstein, N. Scuda, J. Kilwinski, M. Runge, T. L. Prüfer, H-P. Hamann, W-I. Bock, … Read More

EAFP Bulletin Special edition 2 – Call for papers

3RD ANNOUNCEMENT: CALL FOR PAPERS: Featured article for publication in the Bulletin of the European Association of Fish Pathologists Special Edition: DIAGNOSTICS FOR AQUATIC ANIMAL DISEASES II Due to the breadth of topical interest in progress made in current fish and shellfish diagnostics development and research, we will be publishing … Read More