Proceedings 5th Histopathology Workshop

Histopathology workshop – Parasites in Sections

Dublin, Ireland 2001

The histopathology workshops held at the biennial International Conferences of the EAFP have been a great educational resource for members. Parasites in sections was the topic looked at during the Dublin workshop.

The list below shows all the presentations provided during the workshop, as provided by each author.

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  • Protozoan parasites
    • Introduction
    • Examination of Fish for Protozoan Parasites
    • Fixation and Staining of Protozoan Parasites
    • Characteristics of Protozoan Parasites in Tissue Sections
    • Flagellates and Dinoflagellates
    • Amoebae
    • Ciliates
    • Apicomplexa
    • Ichthyosporea, Dermocystidium, Rosette Agent
    • Microsporidia
    • Myxosporidia
  • Metazoan parasites
    • Introduction
    • General Taxonomy of Metazoan Parasites
    • Fixation and Staining of Metazoan Parasites
    • Platyhelminthes
    • Digenea
    • Cestodes
    • Nematodes
    • Acanthocephala
    • Molluscs
    • Arthropoda
  • References