Proceedings 4th Histopathology Workshop

Histopathology workshop – Brain and Skin pathology

Rhodes 1999

The histopathology workshops held at the biennial International Conferences of the EAFP have been a great educational resource for members. Brain and Skin pathology was the topic looked at during the Rhodes workshop.

The list bellow shows all the presentations provided during the workshop, as provided by each author.

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  • Brain pathology
    • Compact brain sectionIntroduction to normal structure and fixation artefacts
    • Spraguea lophii xenomas
    • Diplostomum phoxini
    • Neurotropic IHN
    • Neuronal vacuolation
    • Intranuclear Inclusions in neurons
    • Encephalitis
    • Myxosporean infection
    • BKD-related meningitis
    • Cytophaga psychrophila infections
    • Microsporidia
    • List of references


  • Skin pathologyDab with multiple epidermal papilloma
    • Introduction to normal structure
    • Epidermis
    • Dermis
    • Sensory organs
    • Epidermal erosion / Flexibacteriosis
    • Ichthyophthiriasis / White spot
    • Strawberry disease
    • Rash
    • Cherry fin
    • Experimental EUS
    • Sea lice damage
    • Goldfish Ulcer Disease
    • Renibacterium salmoninarum challenge
    • Epithelial cell cytomegaly
    • Dermal fibroblast cytomegaly / Lymphocystis
    • Epidermal hyperplasia and papilloma
    • Hyperpigmentation
    • Dermocystidium infection
    • UV effects
    • Fixation and sampling artefacts
    • List of references