Proceedings 10th Histopathology Workshop

Histopathology workshop – Lymphoid Organ Pathology

Split, Croatia 2011

The histopathology workshops held at the biennial International Conferences of the EAFP have been a great educational resource for members. Lymphoid organ pathology was the topic looked at during the Split workshop. The EAFP would like to thank Zeiss for their assistance and financial support for this workshop.

The list below shows all the presentations provided during the workshop, as provided by each author.

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  • Brian Jones – Megalocytivirus Infection of Swordtails, Xiphophotus helleri, Imported from Asia into an Australian Quarantine Premises 
  • Brian Jones – Neuritis of Unknown Aetiology in Southern Bluefin Tuna, Thunnus maccoyii 
  • Cecilie Sviland – Farmed Atlantic Salmon, Salmo salar, Diagnosed with Heart and Skeletal Muscle Inflammation (HSMI): Finding of Pseudolobulation in Spleen
  • Christian Michel – Suspended Mineral Particles Affect Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss 
  • David W. Bruno – Polycystic Spleen in Atlantic Salmon, Salmo salar 
  • Diane Elliott – Microsporidian Infection in Skeletal Muscle of Tidewater Gobies, Eucyclogobius newberryi 
  • Diane Elliott – Normal (but Unusual) Lymphoid Tissue of Sturgeon 
  • Francesc Padrós – An Uncommon Form of Infection by Tenacibacculum maritimum in European Seabass, Dicentrarchus labrax 
  • Francesc Padrós – Digenean Metacercariae in the Muscle of Paradise Fish, Macropodus opercularis 
  • Francesc PadrósPseudoloma neurophilia Infection in Zebrafish, Danio rerio 
  • Francesc Padrós – Sleeping Disease (SD) in Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss: Muscular Lesions 
  • Heike Schmidt-PosthausYersinia ruckeri (Enteric Redmouth) Infection in the Spleen of a Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss 
  • Heike Schmidt-PosthausIchthyophonus hoferi in a Brown Trout, Salmo trutta fario, Causing a Granulomatous Interstitial Nephritis
  • Heike Schmidt-Posthaus – Infection with Flavobacterium psychrophilum in the Spleen of a Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, with Rainbow Trout Fry Syndrome
  • Heike Schmidt-Posthaus – Infection with Renibacterium salmoninarum in the Spleen of a Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss 
  • Heike Schmidt-Posthaus – Infection with Thelohania in the Eye Muscles of a Crayfish, Astacus astacus 
  • Heike Schmidt-PosthausLactococcus garvieae in a Perch, Perca fluviatilis, Causing Panophthalmitis and Meningitis 
  • Heike Schmidt-PosthausPhilasterides dicentrarchi (Ciliophora, Scuticociliatida) Infection in a Population of Sea Dragons, Phycodurus eques and Phyllopteryx taeniolatus 
  • Heike Schmidt-PosthausPosthodiplostomum in the Skeletal Muscle of a Minnow, Phoxinus phoxinus 
  • Mar Marcos-López – Systemic Megalocytivirus Infection in Three-spined Stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus 
  • Mark D. Powell – Inflammatory Responses of Trout Gills to Loma salmonae Infection 
  • Mohammad Jalil Zorriehzahra – Histopathology Study on Morbidity and Mortality of Wild Golden Grey Mullet, Liza aurata, and Leaping Mullet, Liza saliens, Associated with Viral Nervous Necrosis (VNN) in Iranian Waters of the Caspian Sea
  • Muhammad Naveed Yousaf – Inflammatory Responses of Atlantic Salmon, Salmo salar, Heart to Cardiac Disease (Heart and Skeletal Muscle Inflammation) 
  • Patricia A. Noguera – Systemic Inflammatory Reaction in Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss 
  • Perttu Koski – Granulomatous Bacterial Peritonitis in Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, Fingerlings after Injection with a Polyvalent vaccine with adjuvant 
  • Bermúdez – Histopathological Characteristics of a Lymphoproliferative Disease (?) / Lymphosarcoma (?) in Cultured Tench, Tinca tinca 
  • Satu Viljamaa-Dirks – Infection Caused by Flavobacteria in Farmed Nelma, Stenodus leucichthys 
  • Thomas Wahli – Intramuscular Myxozoan Infection of Whitefish, Coregonus, in a Swiss Lake 
  • Thomas Wahli – Myxozoan and Cestode Infection of Coregonid Skeletal Muscle Tissue 
  • Torfinn Moldal – Inflammation-mediated Intestinal Cancer in Atlantic Salmon