Obituary Panos Varvarigos



3rd June 1960 – 2nd November 2022

We are extremely saddened by the unexpected loss of Dr. Panos Varvarigos, age 62, on the 2nd of November 2022.

We will all miss Panos very much. His profound knowledge of fish pathology, his willingness to help everyone who called for his in-depth diagnostic expertise and practical advice and most of all his always gracious but persuasive manner was very much appreciated across the entire Greek Aquaculture and beyond. Panos studied veterinary medicine and while Mediterranean aquaculture was still in its infancy, thankfully for all of us, who followed, chose to devote himself and all his energy to specializing in fish pathology.

His academic journey which started in Greece, included advanced post-graduate studies and training in England, Scotland and Netherlands that allowed him to master different areas required in disease management like epidemiology, statistics and fish pathology, a spectrum of knowledge which made his approach unique among his peers. Over the years, Panos was involved in many research programs and initiatives regarding fish diseases, their prevention and treatment ranging from basic to applied science, while always focusing on the results which could help improve fish health and welfare at the practical farm level.

Panos was also a mentor for many upcoming young people who chose to join the industry, sharing his expertise and experience with generosity but also with high degree of professionalism and respect to his clients. Those of us who have been helped by Panos’ knowledge, in-depth expertise, and above all his kindness and noble manner will certainly miss him.

In addition, Panos was a devoted EAFP member who continuously published his high quality results of applied researches in the Bulletin of the European Association of Fish Pathologist and regularly participated in the EAFP conferences. He enthusiastically contributed in each aspect of the knowledge sharing within workshops dedicated to the diagnostics and health management in the Mediterranean marine aquaculture and his departure will leave a huge emptiness among his colleagues and friends.

We express our deepest condolences to his three grownup children while we are reassuring them that all of us in the industry will always cherish Panos’ legacy which was invaluable for the growth of the sector.

Pantelis Katharios and Snježana Zrnčić