Health forum discussion on Viral Encephalopathy and Retinopathy

The MedAID Health Forum is conceived as a communication platform to gather field diagnosticians, laboratories, relevant authorities in charge of disease management in the Mediterranean mariculture and other stakeholders. Forum discussion started in July with a key topic, Sparicotylosis. Now, a second discussion is scheduled to take place from 17th to 28th September 2018. This time the selected topic is Viral encelophaty and retinopathy (VER/VNN), which causes a disease also known as viral nervous necrosis (VNN). Since its first description during the early nineties, the disease caused by a Betanodavirusis now endemic in the Mediterranean Sea is considered the most important viral disease affecting farmed and wild marine species. Betanodaviruses have an extended host range, including sea bass, groupers, flatfish and drums but the species that suffer more from this disease in the Mediterranean is undoubtedly, the European sea bass (D. labrax).
Chronic VNN in sea bass
Chronic VNN in sea bass
If you want to know more about the Viral Encephalopathy and Retinopathy you can read in MedAID blog the Mini-review written by Anna Toffan, and to learn more about more about Prophylactic measures against VER/VNN, visit theMedAID Health Forum and read the Mini-review prepared by Sofie Barsǿe 1.Objectives of the Betanodavirus discussion
  • To exchange the recent scientific data of a practical implication, with the health experts dealing with the problem caused by Betanodaviruses in farmed fish
  • To help farmer understanding diagnostic results and prognostic values of laboratory results
  • To help farmers implementing their biosecurity level
  • To share “tips and tricks” of farmers about how to deal with VERpositive fish batch from one area to help farmers in other areas with the same problem
2. Process proposed to focus the discussion The health farm experts are encouraged to share their valuable practical knowledge; the current prevention strategy should be profoundly evaluated and analyzed 3. The topics that should be discussed
  • Epidemiologyof VER in sea bass and sea bream
  • Biosecurity rules and prophylactic measures
  • Good aquaculture practices in prevention of VNN/VERinfection
  • Disinfection methods
  • Diagnostic methods choice and use
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