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Upcoming Events & Meetings relevant to fish pathologists

2nd Nordic RAS workshop on fish health and welfare 

Oslo, Norway  – 19 to 20 November 2018

The workshop aims to gather people from the fish farming industry and the academia in the Nordic countries with an interest for fish health and welfare, to discuss the latest biological challenges in RAS production of fish.

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Gill Health Symposium for Marine Fish

Singapore, 21 to 23 November 2018

This symposium will focus on the function and form of fish gills in the face of a changing ocean environment with emphasis on ocean warming and acidification. The symposium will bring together scientists with expertise in a variety of disciplines such as marine biology, ecology, ecophysiology, environmental chemistry, aquaculture and fisheries. The target audience for the symposium are scientists from university, government and private sectors and managers from aquaculture and fisheries industries. The goal of the symposium is to create small teams of discipline experts to co-author topic reviews to be submitted as part of a special research topic in Frontiers of Marine Science.

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Flavobacterium 2018

Nara, Japan – 27 to 29 November 2018

The 5th International Conference on Members of the Genus Flavobacterium, ‘Flavobacterium 2018’, will be held at the Tōdaiji museum in Nara, Japan, on November 27-29, 2018. This conference will follow previous successful conferences on the same topic that took place in Shepherdstown (WV, USA) in 2007, Paris (France) in 2009, Turku (Finland) in 2012 and Auburn (AL, USA) in 2015. Communications dealing with the close relatives of the genus Flavobacterium such as Chryseobacterium and Tenacibaculum are welcome.

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2nd Italian Zebrafish Meeting (ZFIM 2019)

Pisa, Italy – 30 January to 1 February 2019

This meeting will highlight and discuss emerging aspects of zebrafish research and promote networking among Italian researchers with the goal to disseminate the experience and philosophy of the European society (Eufishbiomed). The meeting is also a great opportunity to meet colleagues and students, share knowledge and practical experiences, coordinate national grant opportunities and local databases for fish lines and reagents, and promote new research issues among young researchers.

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Advanced Course on Application of Epidemiology in Aquatic Animal Health

Zaragoza, Spain – 25 February to 1 March 2019

This course aims to provide participants with sufficient understanding of epidemiological approaches and principles so that they are able to apply them to their work. Specifically, the course will seek to raise the awareness of epidemiology so that the participants can constructively work with epidemiologists and understand, interpret and use results of epidemiological studies. The course is designed for 25 participants.

The deadline for the submission of applications is 3 December 2018. All necessary info are available in English, French and Spanish.

19th International Conference on Diseases of Fish and Shellfish

Porto, Portugal – 9 to 12 September 2019

The 19th EAFP International Conference will be held at the Alfândega Congress Centre in Porto, Portugal. Scientific and technical sessions consisting of poster presentations, invited talks, keynotes, oral presentations, workshops and an EAFP General Assembly will take place. Planned social events include a Welcome Cocktail, Civic Reception and the traditional Conference Banquet.

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