EAFP Small Grants Scheme 2017

EAFP Small Grants Scheme


Conducting small-scale projects in the face of reduced funding opportunities?

The EAFP offers ‘small grants’ to assist members with research in the field of aquatic animal health. Five grants will be awarded in this round.

• Obtain training in new methods to improve research in fish pathology
• Small grants of funding are allocated up to a maximum of €1000
• Funds provided specifically for training visits to laboratories/institutions


• Max 1000 € can be allocated to any individual
• Applicant must be an EAFP member
• Preference will be given to applicants for projects that have additional support from an alternative (non-EAFP) source


• Applications will need to be accompanied by a short CV and a letter of acceptance from the host institution/laboratory

• Applications will be assessed by the EAFP Council

• Applicants will be notified by e-mail after the relevant EAFP Council assessments have been completed. No detailed feedback will be provided and the decision of the Council will be final.

• Recipients of funds will be required to sign an agreement including:
1. Activities and place

2. Tentative start and end dates of the funded research activity

3. Commitment to providing a brief report on the activity and on the way the fund has been used. This information will need to be delivered within one month after the accepted end date of the funded activity.

4. Commitment to provide an abstract and poster presentation of the funded work at the EAFP Conference following the termination of the activity.

• Names of recipients, projects and reports will be published on the EAFP website.

Application Form:

The application form can be downloaded from the EAFP website, it will need to be completed and submitted to the President of the EAFP (gcabrera@ucm.es) by the deadline date of the 15th July 2017.

The current application form can be downloaded by clicking here.