EAFP Council members elections 2019

We would like to invite nominations from EAFP Members for the following posts in the EAFP Council, effective from September 2019 for a term of 4 years:

  • EAFP Vice President
  • EAFP Publication Officer
  • EAFP General Secretary

The duties of the Council Officers are described in the EAFP Statute.

The current Vice President, Patrick Smith (UK), is retiring as Vice President after his second term in office. The current Publication Officer, Sean J. Monaghan (UK), is willing to stand for election as Publication Officer for a second term of 4 years, same as for the current General Secretary, Snježana Zrnčić (Croatia).

According to the EAFP Statute any EAFP Member may be nominated for Vice President, Publications Officer or General Secretary.

Nominees for the post of Vice President should preferably have a strong connection with the aquaculture industry and capability to establish cooperation with the industry while nominees for the post of Publication Officer should be English native speaker.

Each nomination should contain the proposer’s name for the particular post and seconded by another member, together with a note from the nominee stating they are willing to stand for election. Potential candidates should feel free to discuss the current duties with any Member of the Council.

Please send nominations for the above posts to the EAFP General Secretary, Snježana Zrnčić ([email protected]) by March 15th 2019.

Voting for contested posts will take place via the Internet, after March 15th 2019. Results will be announced before the 19th EAFP Conference in September.

Please make sure that the EAFP has your correct current email address.