Call for Book Proposals

European Association of Fish Pathologists and 5m Publishing

New Book Series in Aquatic Animal Diseases

EAFP Book Series Editor

Dr Sean Monaghan, EAFP Publications Officer, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK

5m’s Representative

Nigel Balmforth, Head of Publishing, 5m Publishing, Sheffield, UK

The EAFP and 5m Publishing are pleased to announce a new partnership in the publication of an exciting, definitive and high quality series of books.

When culturing aquatic species, the proper maintenance of health is essential to the sustainability of production. Disease epidemics, for example recent outbreaks of infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) in Chile, and early mortality syndrome (EMS) in shrimp in South East Asia have caused widespread and devastating effects on the aquaculture industries in the affected countries. In order for aquatic animal diseases to be properly prevented, identified, monitored, treated and managed, there is a constant need for high quality and authoritative books to inform the range of personnel working in the aquaculture industry. The new book series will encompass professional-level reference books and practical guides aimed at fish farm operatives and technicians, fish biologists and pathologists, veterinarians, students who are studying aquaculture and fish health, and the many personnel involved in supplying the aquaculture industry with pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, feeds, and related equipment.