Bulletin of the EAFP Editorial Board Changeovers

The EAFP Bulletin is currently going through a transition of changes to the Editorial board.

Dr. Steve Feist and Dr. David Verner-Jeffreys are resigning from their posts as Histopathology and Bacteriology Subject editors, respectively, from February 2020. On behalf of the Council and members of the European Association of Fish Pathologists, I would like to thank Steve and David for all of the hard work and commitment they gave to the Bulletin. David and Steve’s expertise in the fields of Fish Bacteriology and Histopathology, respectively, have ensured we continue to publish scientifically robust papers in these fields.

It is with great pleasure to welcome to the editorial board Dr. Patricia Noguera and Dr. Kim Thompson, who will take over the roles of Histopathology and Bacteriology subject editors, respectively.

Our most recent implemented update was the employment of a new submission and review platform – Scholastica. Please note that the Bulletin of the EAFP Scholastica platform was launched in December 2019 and is now fully active. The EAFP welcomes new submissions to the Bulletin of the EAFP using this platform. Submissions should no longer be submitted via e-mail directly to the publications-officer. For all future submissions to the Bulletin of the EAFP, please submit manuscripts through the link to Scolastica available on the EAFP webpage

Sean Monaghan

EAFP Bulletin Editor / Publications-officer