• REVIEW: Welfare of farmed fish: moral considerations, science, and problems of implementation. M. Pavlidis – Read it


  • WORKSHOP REPORT: Workshop: How outputs from EU projects can upgrade health management in Mediterranean aquaculture. S. Zrnčić, F. Padros, S. Tavornapanich, N. Lorenzen, D. Volpatti, I. Mladineo, A. Manfrin, A. Sitjà-Bobadilla, E. Brun – Read it


  • EXPERT OPINION: One Health Aquaculture – a personal perspective. G. D. Stentiford – Read it


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  • EXPERT OPINION: The importance of long-term data collection to understand the historical and evolutionary ecology of marine diseases: the eastern oyster disease system in the USA, as a case study. R. B. Carnegie – Read it


  • WORKSHOP REPORT: Myxozoan research forum 2021 – the ‘MyxoMixer’: Advances, methods, and problems yet to be solved in myxozoan research. J.W. Holland and A.S. Holzer – Read it


  • WORKSHOP REPORT: Aquatic Animal Health Education. D. Scarfe, F. Padrós, D. Iatridou, A. Bravo, D. Palić, A. Fabris – Read it