• Obituary for Remmelt Bootsma. Read it


  • EAFP Branch Officers Meeting Report, Porto, 2019.  – Read it


  • Review: The effects of CO2 and related water chemistry on fish: climate change vs. aquaculture. R. W. Wilson. – Read it


  • Workshop Report: Setting epidemiological cut-off values for bacteria isolated from aquatic animals: a toolbox for designing a 96-well plate for microdilution MIC assays.
    S. Baron, P. Smith, D. W. Verner-Jeffreys. – Read it


  • Review: Next-generation sequencing: a revolution in the field of fish diseases. J-C. Avarre. – Read it


  • Workshop Report: Bottlenecks in diagnostics of Mediterranean fish diseases. S. Zrnčić, F. Padros, I. Mladineo, M-L. Fioravanti, A. Gustinelli, O. Palenzuela, A. Toffan, V. Panzarin, S. Cuilli, B. Fouz, A. Le Breton, P. Varvarigos, C. Zarza, D. Furones, E. Brun. – Read it


  • Workshop Report: ParaFishControl Industry Forum workshop: “Mediterranean fish parasite management strategies”. A. Sitjà-Bobadilla, E. B. Gomez, P. Christofilogiannis. – Read it


  • Review: A review of the shortcomings in the testing methods used and reporting of data in the literature on antimicrobial susceptibility. P. Smith and S. Egan. – Read it