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  • Recent advances in salmon louse research. F. Nilsen – Read it-


  • Targeting fish vaccination. G. F. Wiegertjes. – Read it-


  • EAFP workshop report: Myxozoa. A. Sitjá-Bobadilla. – Read it-


  • Workshop: Neglected viral diseases in freshwater fish farming. O. Haenen, L. Bigarré, T. Ito, J.-C. Avarre and N. Vendramin. – Read it-


  • Workshop: TargetFish industry forum on DNA vaccination: where do we stand and what’s next? G. F. Wiegertjes, M. Forlenza, N. Lorenzen, B. Collet, U. Fischer, C. Tafalla, Ø. Evensen, P. Smith, P. Christofilogiannis and N. H. Henriksen. – Read it-


  • Workshop: Emerging skin diseases in aquaculture. J.G. Schmidt, K. D. Thompson and F. Padrós. – Read it-


  • Situation of European mollusc production regarding diseases. I. Arzul. – Read it-


  • EAFP workshop report: ParaFishControl. P. Christofilogiannis, C. Junge, M. Reuver and A. Sitjà-Bobadilla– Read Preview-