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  • Fish toxicologic pathology: the growing credibility gap and how to bridge it. J. C. Wolf – Read it-


  • Orocutaneous squamous cell carcinoma in a black ghost (Apteronotus albifrons Linnaeus, 1766). S. Shokrpoor, F. Sasani, A. Taheri Mirghaed, M. Molazem and H. Rahmati-Holasoo. – Read it-


  • Note: Dermocystidiosis induced by the parasite Dermocystidium sp. in the ornamental fish Paracheirodon axelrodi. S. E. Plaul, P. F. Andrés Laube, M. M. Montes, E. Topa, S. R. Martorelli and C. G. Barbeito. – Read it-


  • Note: Albinism and leucism in Blonde Rays (Raja brachyura Lafont, 1871) (Elasmobranchii: Batoidea) from the Irish Sea. D. T. G. Quigley, A. de Carlos, D. Barros-Garcia and D. MacGabhann. – Read it-