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  • Utilising pathology codes to detect increases in aquatic animal disease occurrence: a retrospective case study.
    L. M. Hall, S. Duguid and P. A. Noguera. – Read it-


  • Capsular typing of Streptococcus agalactiae (Lancefield group B streptococci) from fish using multiplex PCR and serotyping. C. A. Shoemaker, D-H. Xu, J. C. García and B. R. LaFrentz. – Read it-


  • First detection of Sphaerothecum destruens in salmonids in France. P. M. Boitard, A. Charrier, S. Labrut and M. Jamin. – Read it-


  • Note: Highly adherent Salmon Embryo cell lines (CHSE-214, SSE-30) infected with Mycoplasma spp. may be highly susceptible to viruses. O. Schachner, A. Dressler and M. El-Matbouli. – Read it-


  • Note: Comparison of two methods for detection of Kudoa spores. A. Saraiva, M. Alves, J. C. Eiras and C. Cruz. – Read it-