Bulletin Contents 35 (2)

  • News & Views


  • Parasites of introduced goldfish (Carassius auratus L.) in the Massaciuccoli water district (Tuscany, Central Italy). F. Macchioni, L. Chelucci, B. Torracca, M. Cristina Prati & M. Magi.– Read Preview-


  • Parasites and pathological condition of two edible clams from the Cassino beach, southern Brazil. Y. B. M. Carvalho, L. H. da Silva Poersch & L. A. Romano.– Read Preview-


  • Sparicotyle chrysophrii and gilthead sea bream – potential experimental infection model. G. Rigos, M. Henry & C. Tsigenopoulos.– Read Preview-


  • First evidence of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity in the nematode parasite (Contracaecum sp.) and its host, cod (Gadus morhua). K. Nadolna-Altyn.– Read Preview-


  • Comparative efficacy of formalin, freshwater and hydrogen peroxide against Gyrodactylus corti infestations on captive wolf-eels (Anarrhichthys ocellatus). S. R. M. Jones, D. A. Thoney and S. K. Balfry.– Read Preview-