Bulletin Content 33 (6)

  • Parasite fauna of garfish Belone belone collected from Sinop coasts of the Black Sea, Turkey. A. Özer & V. Yurakhno. -Read Full Text-


  • Pathogenic Gram-negative bacteria isolated from ornamental fish in Uruguay: characterization and antibiotic resistance. D. Carnevia, M. Letamendía & A. Perretta. -Read Full Text-


  • Ectoparasites of native cyprinid Barbus haasi: first record of Trichodina acuta and Trichodina fultoni in Iberian catchments. A. Maceda-Veiga, M. Monroy, H. Salvadó, J. Cable & A. de Sostoa. -Read Full Text-


  • Ultrastructure of Nucleospora cyclopteri, an intranuclear microsporidian infecting the Atlantic lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus L.). M. A. Freeman & Á. Kristmundsson. -Read Full Text-


  • Experimental infection of Arctic charr Salvelinus alpinus (L.) with the cercariae of diplostomid eye flukes Diplostomum spp.. A. Voutilainen. -Read Full Text-