Bulletin Content 33 (2)


  • Workshop Report: Marine gill histopathology workshop. D. Rodger & S. O. Mitchell. -Read Full Text-


  • Trematodes in fishes of the genus Diplodus (Teleostei, Sparidae) from Bizerte Lagoon (Northern coast of Tunisia). Antar & L. Gargouri Ben Abdallah. -Read Full Text-


  • Histopathological survey of the yellow clam Mesodesma mactroides from southern Brazil. B. M. Carvalho, L. H. Poersch, J. P. Junior & L. A. Romano. -Read Full Text-


  • Note: Identification of Streptococcus phocae strains associated with mortality of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) farmed at low temperature in Chile. J. Yañez, M. G. Godoy, A. Gallardo & R. Avendaño-Herrera. -Read Full Text-


  • Note: Psychrobacter sp. isolated from the kidney of salmonids at a number of aquaculture sites in Scotland. Ú. McCarthy, H. Stagg, K. Donald, A. Garden & S. J. Weir. -Read Full Text-