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Open access, full Articles:

The EAFP has now released, as open access (under Licence, as indicated below), all Bulletin articles published over two years ago.

Open access, Abstract only: 

The EAFP has released Abstracts, as open access (under Licence, as indicated below), for all articles published in the last two years. We encourage you to join the EAFP to ensure you receive the full articles of recent Bulletin Issues.

News and prefaces:

News items, prefaces, advertisements etc., as published in the Bulletin, have not been included in this archive.


Full articles and Abstracts are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 UK: Scotland Licence. Please click the logo below to see a summary of what you may do with these works.


 Article format:

The articles from each volume have been scanned and digitised and are being made available in PDF format.
This file format can be opened across many different computer operating systems, the capability to open these files may already be available or can be obtained by downloading a PDF reader application.