The Final – Best Picture from EAFP Bulletin 2011-2015 Contest

 “The best image published in the EAFP Bulletin between 2011 – 2015”

The contest is now closed for voting – The winner will be soon announced!!

  • A selection of the 36 most appealing and scientifically interesting images published in the EAFP Bulletin between 2011 – 2015 have been entered into a photo competition.
  • The contest’s aim is to promote and enhance the readership and the interest for the EAFP Bulletin.
  • Over 6 weeks, 6 images will be published in the contest’s webpage, hosted into the EAFP website and promoted trough the EAFP Facebook page. Each group of 6 images will be published on the afternoon of the Sunday of that week, remaining there available over the next 7 days.
  • EAFP members and followers, including friends and colleagues are invited to vote for their favourite image(s), based on their scientific interest, but also for their aesthetic appeal.
  • The winning image from each week will enter the ’Final’, which will include another round of votes to elect the best image from those finalists.
  • The Author of the winning picture (original photographer) will receive free registration for the 19th EAFP International Conference in September 2019 in Porto, Portugal.

    Finalist images are available for voting from Sunday 28th January to Sunday 4th February 2018