EAFP Council elections

EAFP Council elections

We would like to invite nominations from EAFP Members for the following posts on the EAFP Council, effective from September 2015 for a term of 4 years:

  • EAFP Vice President

  • EAFP Publications Officer 

  • EAFP General Secretary

The duties of the Council Officers are described in the EAFP Statutes (see http://eafp.org/statutes/). 

The current Vice President Patrick Smith (UK) is willing to stand for election as Vice President for a second term of 4 years, whereas Roy Palmer (Ireland) is retiring as Publications Officer after his second term in office. Lone Madsen (Denmark) is also retiring as General Secretary after her second term in office.

According to the EAFP Statutes any EAFP Member may be nominated for Vice President, Publications Officer or General Secretary.

Each nomination should contain the proposer's name for the particular post and seconded by another member, together with a note from the individual person stating they are willing to stand for election. Potential candidates should feel free to discuss the current duties with a Member of the Council.  

Please send nominations for the above posts to the General Secretary by March 1st 2015.

Voting for contested posts will take place via the internet, after March 1st 2015.

Please make sure that the EAFP has your correct email address.

Results will be announced before the September Conference.

the EAFP General Secretary (loma@vet.dtu.dk)

Lone Madsen

Bulletin contents 34 (5)

- News and Views

- Genetic diversity of Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus (IPNV) in farmed rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in Iran. M. Soltani, S. Rouholahi, H. A. Ebrahimzadeh Mousavi, K. Abdi, A. Zargar and S. Mohamadian

- First isolation of Staphylococcus warneri from cultured rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) broodstock in Turkey. S. Metin, A. Kubilay, E. E. Onuk, B. I. Didinen and P. Yıldırım

- Utility of the viral neutralisation test for detection of antibodies to Infectious Haematopoietic Necrosis Virus in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). V. Jenčič, P. Hostnik, I. Toplak and A. Grilc Fajfar

- Efficacy of sea salt, metronidazole and formalin-malachite green baths in treating Ichthyophthirius multifiliis infections of mollies (Poecilia sphenops). A. Maceda-Veiga and J. Cable

- Exophiala angulospora infection found in cultured Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus in Japan. C. Kanchan, Y. Muraosa and K. Hatai

- The apparent disappearance of Oyster Herpes Virus type 1 (OsHV-1) from the Ebro Delta, Spain. K. B. Andree, N. Carrasco, C. J. Rodgers, A. Roque, I. Gairin, and D. Furones

17th EAFP Second Announcement

17th International Conference on ‘Diseases of Fish and Shellfish’
7th – 11th September, 2015
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain





On behalf of the Council of the European Association of Fish Pathologists and the Local Organising Committee we cordially invite you to participate in the seventeenth International Conference of the Association. The conference will be held at the Auditorium Alfredo Kraus, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. The Auditorium of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria bears the name of Alfredo Kraus, the internationally renowned opera singer in recognition of his contribution to the world of music. The building that houses the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, the work of architect Oscar Tusquets, is one of the most outstanding and representative constructions of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Situated at the end of Las Canteras Beach, this isolated and independent fortress was designed as a lighthouse to identify and protect the city. Ever since it was opened, the image of the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium as a sentry watching over Las Canteras Beach, has become one of the most emblematic views of the city. 

The Conference will begin with registration (16:00-18:00) and a get-together on Sunday 6th September in the Auditorium Alfredo Kraus. From Monday 7th to Thursday 10th September there will be a full scientific programme of Keynotes, oral presentations, dedicated poster sessions, workshops and roundtables. An EAFP plenary session is also scheduled. 
On Thursday, 10th September the scientific programme of the Conference will close with the traditional Conference Banquet, this time at Finca Laraiga. On Friday, 11th September, there will be two optional study visits; one to Marine Scientific Park of University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Figure 1) and the second to the company ADSA SL, producer of seabream and seabass in Gran Canaria (Figure 2). Visits can be purchased separately (70 Euros each).



The primary means of communication for the conference will be by poster, which will be facilitated by dedicated sessions each day that do not overlap with other activities. The format introduced in 1995, of oral sessions on selected topics given by expert keynote speakers, has been retained for the 17th International Conference. Submissions offered for oral and poster presentations will be subject to peer-review. In addition, there will be a number of workshops on subjects of interest to fish and shellfish pathologists, as well as roundtable discussions on more industry-related topics. The Conference Centre can accommodate smaller meetings of EU project partners and we encourage members to avail of this facility. However, room hire and associated costs are not covered by the EAFP and must be paid in advance. For details, please contact Barceló Congresos (conference agency).

The official language of the conference is English.

In addition to the scientific programme the Local Organisers have put together an extensive social programme both for delegates and accompanying persons. 

We look forward to meeting you at the conference and we are certain that you will enjoy Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the surroundings.

For more details and up-to-date information about the Conference, please visit our homepage on www.eafp.org or www.eafp2015.es regularly.


Abstracts and Scientific Programme:



Dr. Ivona Mladineo
EAFP Meeting Secretary
Laboratory of Aquaculture
Institute of Oceanography & Fisheries
P.O.Box 500
Setaliste Ivana Mestrovica 63
21000 Split, Croatia
Tel: +385 21 408 047
Fax: +385 21 358 650
Email: mladineo@izor.hr


Registration, Tours, Accommodation and Social Events:

Juan Carlos García
C/ Gonzalo de Bilbao, 23
41003 Sevilla, Spain
Telf. +34 954 22 40 95
Email: eafp2015@barcelocongresos.com


The success of the Conference is greatly dependent on generous sponsorship provided by industry and from trade exhibitors. Details of sponsorship packages and exhibition space can be kindly requested from our local organizer team in Las Palmas (contact Dr. Félix Acosta, e-mail: felix.acosta@ulpgc.es) or Barceló Congresos (contact Juan Carlos García, e-mail: juancarlos.garcia@barcelocongresos.com).

Deadline extension to apply for the EAFP Small Grants Scheme !

To allow more time to prepare the applications, the EAFP has now decided to extend until 31st October 2014 the deadline to apply for the new Small Grant Scheme.

Please be sure you send the complete application, use the form downloadable by clicking here, to the EAFP vice president Dr Patrick Smith (patrick.tethysaquaculture@gmail.com).

Good Luck !!

Bulletin contents 34 (4)

- Trypanorhych cestodes of the tiger tooth croaker (Otolithes ruber) in the Persian Gulf. P. Shohreh, H. Ebrahimzadeh Mousavi, M. Soltani, I. Mobedi, M. Ghadam and S. Mehdizadeh Mood.


- Epidermal papilloma in a gold spot plecostomus (Pterygoplichthys joselimaianus Weber, 1991). H. Rahmati-holasoo, S. Shokrpoor, H. A. Ebrahimzadeh Mousavi and M. Ahmadpoor.


Note: The first report of Mycobacterium marinum isolated from cultured meagre, Argyrosomus regius. M. L. Avsever, C. Çavuşoğlu, M. Z. Günen, Ö. Yazıcıoğlu, S. Eskiizmirliler1, B. I. Didinen, S. Tunalıgil, G. Erdal and M. Özden.


Note: Flavobacterium chilense and Flavobacterium spartansii, two novel non-pathogenic species to rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss, Walbaum) obtained from “Río Blanco” fish farm in Chile. R. Avendaño-Herrera, C. Ceballos, L. Ramírez, M. Poblete-Morales and R. Irgang.


Workshop Report: Virbiosis in aquaculture. 16th EAFP Conference, Tampere, Finland, 4th September 2013. O. L. M. Haenen, B. Fouz, C. Amaro, M. M. Isern, H. Mikkelsen, S. Zrnčić, M. A. Travers, T. Renault, R. Wardle, A. Hellström and I. Dalsgaar.

Bulletin contents 34 (3)

- News and Views

- Occurrence of different species of mycobacteria in aquarium fish from Swedish pet-shops. T. Hongslo and E. Jansson

- First detection of anguillid Herpesvirus 1 (AngHV1) in European eel (Anguilla anguilla) and imported American eel (Anguilla rostrata) in Poland. J. Kempter, P. Hofsoe, R. Panicz and S. M. Bergmann

- First observation of Red Mark Syndrome (RMS) in cultured rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum, 1792) in Turkey. A. Kubilay, S. Ciftci, P. Yıldırım, B. I. Didinen, S. Metin, T. Demirkan, M. R. Ozen and B. Oidtmann

- Sodium fluorescein for early detection of skin ulcers in Aeromonas hydrophila infected Piaractus mesopotamicus. P. F. Marcusso, J. Yunis, G. S. Claudiano, W. G. Manrique, R. Salvador, J. R. E. de Moraes and F. R. Moraes

Histopathology workshop 2015 first announcement

The Histopathology Workshop 2015 focusing on "Gills Pathology" will be held on 12 September 2015, in conjunction with the 17th International EAFP Conference in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. 

The workshop organisers are actively working on a programme and more info will be provided with the second announcement. Participants will need to get a place before they could complete the registration by adding it as an option when registering for the 17th EAFP. The number of places available will be very limited and details of registration will be posted at a later date.

For more info and to provide any suggestions please contact:

    Dr David Bruno ( david.bruno@scotland.gsi.gov.uk ) 

or Dr Diane Elliot ( diane_elliott@usgs.gov) 

or Dr Steve Feist ( stephen.feist@cefas.co.uk ) 

or Dr Barbara Nowak ( bnowak@amc.edu.au )

or Patricia Noguera ( patricia.noguera@scotland.gsi.gov.uk )


The CD room from the Histopathology workshop 2013 - Sensory system pathology is now available !!!

More info on how to order a copy visiting the histopathology workshops-designed page: Please click here.

Deadline extension to register for the EAFP-UK/Ireland conference

To allow people to just concentrate on submitting abstracts by today (30th June), we have decided to extend the deadline for the early bird registration rate to 11th July. If anybody needs to know whether their abstract is accepted before they are able to register, please e-mail myself (david.verner-jeffreys@cefas.co.uk) and Dave Hoole (d.hoole@keele.ac.uk) and we can expedite that.

David Verner-Jeffreys

EAFP Student Award 2015

The European Association of Fish Pathologists will provide 15 awards to young scientists working on fish and shellfish diseases to attend the 17th EAFP conference in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.
The award includes the conference registration fee and banquet attendance, but does not cover travel or accommodation.

Eligible applicants are:
•    young scientists registered as EAFP student member in the year of the conference;
•    registered as EAFP student member since at least 2014 (the year before the conference);
•    preferably offering an oral presentation.

The application should include:
•    an abstract of the presentation (only for this purpose it could be extended up to 600 words);
•    the student’s CV (max 1 page, including the EAFP membership number and any published paper);
•    any evidence of current attendance of the graduate program (e.g. supervisor’s or administrative confirmation).

Priority will be given to students that have not received EAFP student award in the past.

Decisions will be communicated directly to applicants before the early registration deadline.

For questions or application submission, please contact the EAFP meeting secretary:

Dr Ivona Mladineo - mladineo@izor.hr
Institute of Oceanography & Fisheries
POBox 500, 2100 Split, Croatia

17th EAFP First Announcement


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

7 to 11 September 2015

The 17th International Conference on Diseases of Fish and Shellfish will be held in the Alfredo Krauss Auditorium in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

Scientific and technical sessions consisting of poster presentations, invited talks, keynotes, oral presentations, workshops and an EAFP General Assembly will take place during the Conference. Planned social events include a Welcome Cocktail, Civic Reception and the traditional Conference Banquet.

To ensure that appropriate topics are covered, including emerging fields of research, we are very interested in hearing any suggestions from you. EAFP members and non-members are encouraged to submit proposals for potential topics for scientific sessions and workshops at the conference.

More information will be available on the EAFP website and EAFP-Facebook page, as well as in the 2nd announcement that will shortly be placed on the EAFP web page.

We look forward to seeing you at the 17th International Conference on Diseases of Fish and Shellfish organized by the EAFP.

Feel free to contact our Meeting Secretary if you have any suggestions, questions or for any additional information:

click here to provide your suggestion !!!

Ivona Mladineo, the EAFP Meeting Secretary

Institute of Oceanography & Fisheries

POBox 500, 21000 Split, Croatia

Tel.: +385 21408047 / Fax: +385 21358650

E-mail: mladineo@izor.hr

Ivona Mladineo

Invitation to bid for the organization of future EAFP conferences now open!

The EAFP Council is strongly encouraging submission of proposals for EAFP members’ bids to host future EAFP International Conferences (starting from 2019).

The hosting member should submit a proposal that needs to include:

- Document of invitation to the EAFP to hold the EAFP conference in 2019;

- Letter from the proposer;

- Supporting letters as appropriate;

- Proposals for the local organizing committee membership;

- General information on the hosting country and city;

- General information on international transport connections;

- Details on potential conference venue (capacity, cost, facilities, appearance);

- List of available accommodation for different travelling budgets;

- Outline of relevant experience of those to be involved in organizing conference.

If you are interested in submitting a bid to host a future EAFP International Conference please contact Ivona Mladineo, the EAFP Meeting Secretary at mladineo@izor.hr and submit your proposal before 01st September 2014.

Bulletin contents 34 (2)

- Joerg Rapp, in memoriam

- Isolation and characterisation of Aeromonas sobria in Catla catla (Thaila) affected with hemorrhagic septicemia. A. Shahzad, K. Iahtasham, A. Qurban, K. Safwan Ullah, M. Zahid Sharif and A. Shamim.

- Massive mortality in Manila clams (Ruditapes philippinarum) farmed in the Lagoon of Venice, caused by Perkinsus olseni. T. Pretto, M. Zambon, M. Civettini, G. Caburlotto, L. Boffo, E. Rossetti and G. Arcangeli.

- Prevalence of the protozoan parasite Haplosporidium nelsoni in the Eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica,within the Damariscotta River Estuary, in Maine, USA in 2012. N. A. Messerman, K. E. Johndrow and T. J. Bowden.

- Francisellosis in ornamental African cichlids in Austria. E. Lewisch, A. Dressler, S. Menanteau-Ledouble, M. Saleh and M. El-Matbouli.


-- Erratum: Occurrence of Diplostomum spp. (Diplostomidae) in some fish species from Ömerli Dam Lake, İstanbul, Turkey. F. Kırcalar and E. Soylu.


In memory of Dr. Joerg Rapp

Joerg Rapp, in memoriam


Joerg Rapp, DVM specialized in Fish Diseases and Fish Epizootics Control & Containment passed away  in February 13th 2014, aged 73, Joerg was born January 7th 1941. He started to study Veterinary Medicine in Giessen, but moved rather soon to the School of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover (the oldest in Germany, founded in 1778), where he finished his studies and carried out the final examination, the Dr. med. vet. degree  and - last but not least – found his beloved spouse for a whole life together.

Shortly after, in July 1967 he joined the State Veterinary Diagnostic Centre located in the small town of Aulendorf, German Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, main geographical centre of Swabia, where he worked as founder and head of the Fish Health Service until his retirement in January 2006.

Joerg was a „typical Swabian“, known as a very serious and hard as well as meticulously working people. During his nearly 40 years in the State Veterinary Diagnostic Centre of Aulendorf,  Joerg built up a for the time outstandingly efficient Fish Health Service to the pond farming & aquaculture industry in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

In the meantime the European Commission in Brussels started to develop a legislation a legislation for the control of fish diseases (mainly epizootics) at Community level. Experts of the Members States in which freshwater fish played an important role began to be invited to Brussels. The first result of these efforts was the Council Directive 91/67 „concerning the animal health conditions governing the placing in the market of aquaculture animals and products“. Updates of this Directive as well as a phalanx of Commission Decisions followed during the 1970ies-1990ies up to the beginning of the new millennium. The introduction of  the concept of approved zones and „compartments“ turned out to be a rather complicated matter and this was the moment in which the presence of Joerg in Brussels proved to be of fundamental importance – because  of his long lasting  p r a c t i c a l  work with trout farmers of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Initially Joerg was reluctant to join the experts in Brussels, because working in the country side, the trips to Brussels seemed rather strenuous to him. But finally we could convince him to participate.  Afterwards and a bit less strenuous, the experts meetings at the Ministry of Agriculture were held in Bonn , responsible for the implementation of EU-Directives and Commission Decisions resulting from the work in Brussels into German legislation.

As expected – Joerg’s ideas to improve the contents of EU-documents showed of great value, because – again – of his firm links with the reality of daily practical experience and insight in pond farming. His swabian thoroughness often brought down the responsible Commission Eurocrat‘s theoretical approaches, in many cases far from reality, and to re-think their proposals (for them not very popular indeed – because it meant loss of time; but Joerg remained firm like a rock...).

His restless efforts well as the continuous engagement of his co-workers regarding the avoidance  and containment of fish epizootics lead to the unique result that Baden-Wuerttemberg (BW) has the most approved IHN & VHS free zones and compartments within the Federal Republic of Germany (data from 2011): 98 against 41 of the other 6 Fed.States (in which freshwater fish production plays a role).

We lost a distinguished but always modest personality, a colleague and friend who understood his profession as a vocation, who never lost his practical sense, who was a loyal member of the German Branch of the  EAFP for many decades and loved nature, animals and (mainly) equestrian sports

Hans-Juegen Schlotfeldt

(in the EAFP – after 22 years (1979-2001) in the EAFP-Council – simply „HJ“)